Innovation, dinamism and audacity

DreamLabo, founded in Spain, arose from a vision to create a platform from which fashion brands and designers fulfil the wish to market fragrances impregnated with their values and personality. Our business strategy is all about innovation, dynamism and audacity, we have a multidisciplinary team which contributes sound sectorial experience: a differentiating and indispensable trait for meeting our goals as a group.

DreamLabo’s objective is two-fold. First, to create and produce exclusive fragrances impregnated with personality and character for brands and designers. Second, to define and develop the different elements that accompanies the fragrance on its launch: from the definition of the emotional universe that inspired it, to the marketing strategy. Thanks to DreamLabo, prestigious designers and brands such as Roberto Torretta, Devota & Lomba, EL NIÑO Tarifa and Miriam Ocariz have fulfilled the desire to market their fragrances.